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Design Trends to Expect in 2016

Design Trends to Expect in 2016
February 22, 2016 Nicole Burns
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What will be Trending in 2016?

The great thing about stationery is that designs are constantly changing. You’ll never have to send the same card twice. Some designs incorporate more visuals, others are plain, some are better than others, and then some are simply just different from what you’re used to seeing. The National Stationery Show is the place to be to spot new designs in the market. For those that don’t know, it’s the biggest trade show for all things paper. When you’re trying to get your product out on the market, this is the place to get attention for your products. You’re able to meet with potential wholesale buyers, but you first need to make sure your product is marketable to them and what they’re looking to buy for future sales. It’s important your product stands out and will be what consumers want to buy. Being original is the key to gaining positive attention from potential buyers. You need to understand where the market is headed and what is growing in popularity with designs so that you stay ahead of the game. If you haven’t heard of Stationery Trends magazine I suggest checking them out, they provide all the latest trends in this industry and useful articles that help give you more insight on all things in this community! Stationery Trends is run by the talented Sarah Schwartz who also runs a blog of her own, The Paper Chronicles.  According to Stationery Trends, here are some of the top styles and trends that we’ll be seeing in stationery in 2016:

1. Patterns + Color

Don’t be afraid to experiment with these two design elements! Mixing and matching shapes with bold colors can give you endless possibilities to create the perfect card.


2. Color Overlap

Mixing and overlapping colors is a great way to add a special touch to your card. It’s a fairly simple technique that is done by passing the cards through the letterpress so that when the colors overlap with each other they combine and make a beautiful end result.

3. Popups!

A trend that’s been around for a while but only recently started to gain popularity are popups. 3D popups are a way to make your card fun and entertaining, whether they’re in the middle of the card when you open it up, or the entire card itself is a 3D popup model! The company Paper Pop Cards makes beautiful popup cards that perfectly display this unique style.

4. Hand illustrations

This design style is not only visually pleasing, but shows the customer that the designer truly cares about their work because they’re putting in the time and effort in to their product. People are getting away from generic looking cards, and gravitating to more original design illustrations from the heart that show the true beauty of what stationery is all about.

5. Ombre´

We first started to see the ombre´ trend emerge a few years ago, and although it’s died down quite a bit it’s still remains one of the most popular design trends. The beautiful colors that blend together seamlessly give a touch of elegance to all stationery designs.

6. Cards with a surprise element

Snail mail although a good gesture, can be a bit boring. This new trend of surprise is meant to keep the person who’s receiving the card interested in what they’re getting and to make it a memorable experience. Giving people the chance to be interactive with their card makes them stay engaged and wanting more. A perfect example of this is our very own Happy Goon cards! When you use our app with our cards, they come to life and you’re getting an animated experience that’s personalized for you.

7. Rose Gold

This classic color is making a comeback with not only paper goods and designs, but jewelry and gifts as well and we’ll be seeing a lot more designs in 2016 using this color.