Keep Your New Years Resolution

Keep Your New Years Resolution
December 31, 2016 Colin Hughes
In Tips & Tricks

Here is one thing you can do right away to help keep your New Years Resolutions to stay in touch!

It’s that time of year again. People everywhere take stock of challenges faced and goals met during the span of the last 12 months. We remember the plans and dreams we had, the commitments we made, and the resolutions we declared at the countdown to the new year– we will exercise more, read more, spend less– you know the ones.

Then, if  you’re like us, you come to the totally unsurprising conclusion that you are completely and utterly useless at keeping new year’s resolutions.

Its not to say resolutions are a bad idea. Its understandable that so many people aspire to be their best future selves — to spend more time with old friends, be attentive to family, and laugh a little more. But, we must also understand it doesn’t take much to achieve these goals. After all, spreading more happiness in the world can be as simple as an extra smile in the morning, or an I love you.

At Happy Goon, happiness is our thing. So, here’s one way you can easily tick some of these resolutions off of your list.

It’s hard to keep track of all the moments and events our loved ones experience throughout the year, that’s why we’ve invested in allowing you to schedule when and where you want one of our cards to be sent, really far in advance. Tell us what you’d like to say and we will write it on the card and make sure it is delivered on time. That means you can take some time now (while your still motivated about the new year) and schedule a birthday card for your old friend, or a card for Mother’s Day that you usually forget, or maybe just send a simple “Thinking of you” to someone at a random point in the future.

If you’re not sure when and where you might need a card, why not order a few blank cards? That way, come a special moment in someones life, you have a card ready to share how proud/excited/in love you are and make them smile.

Regardless, we applaud all of you out there resolving to be your best selves in 2017. Happy New Year!