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Meet The Team

Kritchaya Twitchsri

Meet The Team – Kitchaya Twitchsri
April 30, 2016 Colin Hughes
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We thought it was about time we introduced you to some of the people who have been working with Happy Goon as we make all our cards ready for launch (In May… wow thats close!) So here is the first one. Kritchaya is a fantastic designer from Summer Space Studio in New York who is helping us make some great calligraphy and stop-motion paper-craft cards. Seriously, the things she is able to do with pen and paper is amazing… more on those later ūüėČ

Tell us a little about yourself and Summer Space Studio.

Summer Space Studio is a design and crafts studio. Where I combine my work in branding design and illustration with my passion of calligraphy, hand lettering and paper crafts together…

What medium do you like working with most?

As a graphic designer I love how the software these days is¬†so advanced that we can create ‘anything’ with computers. But I think the real craftsmanship is when¬†things are done by hand. So I’d say I love working with pen, ink and paper the most. It is meditative and also more rewarding when its¬†finished.

How long have you been designing/calligraphy/papercraft?

I’ve been¬†interested in design, calligraphy and paper-craft since young age but never really thought that I’d be good at it. I have been a graphic designer for over 2 years focusing on brand design and illustrations. I have been working with paper cutting forever,¬†but just got into paper engineering and pop up books last year (2015). The same goes with my calligraphy, which I formally started in August 2015 just after¬†my s.o. bought me a cool calligraphy kit for my birthday.

Who/What are the biggest influencers of your work?

Since I am also doing a master’s in Interactive Design and my focus is to make things that combine¬†design, crafts and technology. I am inspired by a big¬†range of artists. I love OhJoy! BLOGS she’s my icon. BRIT + CO is what I aspire to become. She’s working with art + technology as well, so I am very interested by her work.

For Paper crafters I love Tommy Perez his work is extraordinary but simple and colorful. Owen Gildersleeve is one of the first people I looked up to when I started to create my paper work.

I have sooooo many calligraphy artist I love. Calligraphy and Hand lettering are on trend right now and I follow so many talented people on Instagram.

What do you like most about collaborating with Happy Goon?

Happy Goon has given me a lot of freedom to create the pieces for them and that has meant I am more creative that I’ve ever been. Working with them¬†is like learning by making for me. I have discovered new techniques and design styles through working with them than I would have on my own.

What are the hardest things about the collaboration?

I think it is solely not about collaboration but the fact that I am also doing my master’s degree so I have my first priority is on¬†school. But I know that Happy Goon is a company¬†I am going to be committing to in the long run. It’s¬†hard to deliver something spectacular with a time sensitive deadline, especially when there is so much more to the Happy Goon cards than a normal greeting card. On the other hand I have to say that it’s quite enjoyable, or maybe it’s the fact that I enjoy being crazy busy all the time… ūüôā

If you want to know more about Kritchaya, or Summer Space Studio, follow her Instagram account here. You will not be disappointed.