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Spring Inspiration

Spring Inspiration
March 24, 2016 Nicole Burns
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Spring has officially sprung!

and Easter weekend is approaching, so we’ve been looking for design inspiration that represents the brightness and cheerful feeling of spring. What are our favorite design trends for this time of year? Pastels, floral, and watercolor. All 3 of these designs perfectly depict the feeling of spring and we see many designers using these styles in majority of their card and stationery sets. One designer, Courtney Khail,  based her entire line around watercolor! One set in particular we love is her Garden Rose Note Card set, which brings together both floral design with watercolor styling technique which makes a beautiful combination.

Besides watercolor, simple and clean designs are always one of our favorites as well. Hartland Brooklyn has cool and fresh designs that embody the simplicity of springtime, and one of our favorites in this line and perfect for this upcoming weekend is their Easter card, with the cutest daisy illustrations that’s printed on felted paper.

As I mentioned before, the pastel color theme is the color scheme for this season because they bring a very relaxed and calm feeling. Rifle Paper Co. has the perfect Mother’s Day card using pastels with floral designs! These two elements go hand in hand to make the perfect spring-inspired card!