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Taming Stress

Taming Stress
March 10, 2016 Nicole Burns
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What does the term “startup” mean to you?

For us at Happy Goon, it means working hard day in and day out, with a very, very, VERY long list of things to get done. It means many tasks, and not many people, and learning to take risks. All of these factors can be major stress inducers. We’ve learned a few methods of coping with stress along the way, so try these next time you’re trying to relax.

1. Get Organized

Since we keep busy trying to accomplish everything, we admit our workspace can get a little cluttered. My dad once told me a messy desk means I’m creative and a hard worker, which may be true, but research shows that clutter is distracting and can cause you to stress out!  Take a second to clean up your work space because when you’re organized you’ll be able to focus better and accomplish the tasks at hand. Form a habit one day out of the week to clean!

2. Play your favorite song

Listening to music is actually shown to slow your heart rate down, which is what we need in order to stay calm. If you listen to any song that you like, it’ll release feel good chemicals in your brain!

3. Eat a banana

This fruit is packed with potassium, which helps to regular blood sugar. Since blood sugar spikes when we’re stressed, a banana is the perfect snack to eat when you’re trying to relax and it will help with your energy levels!

4. Treat yourself

Eating something sweet like chocolate can help your overall mood. One study from the University of Cincinnati shows that eating something sweet reduces the production of glucocorticoid, a stress related hormone. I’m not encouraging to binge eat on candy, but a little bit can’t hurt!