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The Meaning Behind Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet

The Meaning Behind Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet
February 4, 2016 Nicole Burns
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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to break out all the chocolate, flowers, and stuffed animals you can find to give to that special someone. Flowers hold a special place in our hearts as the leading choice of gift option. According to a study done by Rutgers University, receiving flowers triggers positive emotions and happiness and can help make intimate connections. Now this may seem like common sense, because who doesn’t love to receive flowers, but it’s pretty cool that we now have science to back this up!
It truly means something special when you receive a bouquet of flowers from someone and it’s amazing that such an old tradition still mean so much. The internet has made it so easy to send flowers to loved ones because you can place orders online and send them out no matter where you are. Roses remain to be one of the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day – according to Society of American Florists an estimated 250 million roses are sold during this holiday! Their vibrant, rich colors and beautiful scent, flowers will always hold their place as the top gift. Although roses are the more popular flowers, many other flowers are not only just as beautiful, but they each have their own special meaning behind them. Every flower symbolizes something, there’s even a word for it! “Floriography” means the language of flowers, and it was coined in the Victorian Era. It was said that flowers can express meanings that we can’t say, and this fact can still hold true today.

Picking the right flowers for your bouquet will give it a deeper, sentimental value and impress the person you’re giving them to if you’re able to tell them what the flowers symbolize! To make sure you’re giving the proper message to someone with the flowers you’re choosing, here are some of the most popular choices of flowers and the meanings behind them:

Red roses: of course red roses are at the top of the list, for ages we’ve known them to be the most beautiful flowers and most romantic. Red roses symbolize a true, deep love. The number in your bouqet also has meaning. A dozen roses is considered to be a declaration of love, 25 roses means ‘congratulations!’ and 50 roses shows unconditional love.

Yellow roses: these flowers are meant to show feelings of joy, warmth and welcome, and are usually given to friends to show how much you care about them.

Carnations: These flowers hold the meaning of pride and beauty. They’re simple, yet elegant and the perfect addition to any bouquet!

Tulips: Also can be considered a declaration of love, or show the “perfect love.” Although the color can change the meaning of these flowers too! Purple tulips symbolize royalty, while yellow is meant to give cheerful thoughts.

Sunflowers: A favorite among many people, the sunflower’s meaning stems from the Sun itself- adoration and longevity and are known for being the happy flower!


Now that you have some knowledge on the symbolic meaning of flowers, pick your bouquets wisely and make sure you’re really expressing how you truly feel. Happy Valentine’s Day!